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A visit from Eric Dempsey November 2015

We had a very special visitor last week in Gaelscoil na Camóige. The bird expert, Eric Dempsey, was in with us during the week. He spent time in every class teaching the children about the different species of birds.  They all hugely enjoyed his visit. Cormac and Cillian from Rang 3 made a huge impression on Eric. They showed fantastic knowledge and interest in birds. Eric definetly learned a couple of things from them too!

Rang 6 went on a nature walk with Eric to Corkagh Park. The weather wasn’t great but this did not affect the children at all. They all enjoyed a wonderful walk. We saw some wonderful birds. Eric even recognized some birds from their singing!

Eric has been to our school on numerous occasions and every time he comes, the children are extremely happy to see him. We cannot wait for the next visit!

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