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Music & Drama

It is a tradition in the school to enter the children into competitions each year in which we do very well.

The school choir are very busy throughout the year and have ample experience of performing at our various ceremonies throughout the school year. There is also a music group who practice in school.

The school launched a CD ‘Preab sa Ceol’ in 2007 which was a great success.

We have also had some poetry books published.

Every other Friday at assembly one class performs for the rest of the school by reciting poetry, singing a song or acting out a small drama.

The school has taken part in the National Drama Competition. 6th Class were successful in winning the All-Ireland Drama Competition in 2010 and 3rd Class also won the competition in 2011.

The children do tin whistle classes from 1st Class – 6th Class. Guitar, fiddle, mandolin, flute and banjo classes also take place after school.

The teachers in the school are very generous in giving their spare time to extra curricular activities for which we are very grateful.

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