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Internet Access


Pupil Access to the Internet

Internet access is now available to pupils of Gaelscoil na Camóige. The school is delighted to offer this tool as an available resource to both pupils and teachers for reference purposes and for researching project materials. Pupils will now have ready access to numerous libraries and databases on every subject required.

Electronic information research skills are now fundamental to preparation for living and working in the coming Information Age. The school will integrate such information as appropriate within the curriculum and staff will provide guidance and instruction to pupils in the appropriate use of such resources.

Pupil use of telecommunications and electronic information will be provided and only permitted upon submission of permission and agreement forms by parents of pupils themselves. Pupils are not allowed to access the internet sites Bebo or Facebook or any social networks sites at any time during the school day.


Email allows pupils to communicate with peers and educationalists around the world. Pupils will send and receive email only during supervised sessions. Personal information about the child will not be disclosed without permission from the teacher supervising the session. Email messages containing information, which makes a pupil uncomfortable, must be reported to the teacher. Pupils are not permitted to respond to such messages. The allocation of personal email addresses to individual pupils is not allowed.

World Wide Web

Access to on-line resources will enable pupils to explore numerous libraries and databases throughout the world. The school believes that the benefits of pupils from access to information resources and increased opportunities for collaboration exceed the disadvantages. Pupils will not be given access to the internet without teacher supervision. The school uses filtering as recommended for primary schools from the NCTE, which blocks out WebPages containing expletive words, pictures, or unsuitable content. Teachers regularly check logs of all information accessed by pupils.

Summary of School Audit

Current Infrastructure:

  • We perceive computers being used as a tool of teaching and learning in each classroom. Therefore, we have supplied each classroom with a laptop and an interactive whiteboard. There are also thirty laptops available to allow the teachers the option of teaching the class as a whole.
  • There are fifteen digital cameras in the school for use by the classes.

Current Software Provision:

  • Software is stored in the class that it is appropriate to and listed on that class’ inventory. General IT books and CDs are stored in the resource room, along with computer installation software and folder relating to the use of IT in the classroom.

ICT Co-ordination:

  • Each computer is labelled with a number for ease of software filing etc – this list is displayed in the resource room.
  • Anti-virus Protection is installed on all computers with access to broadband.

Special Needs

Computers and printers are provided in the learning support rooms, and resource rooms, as we recognise the potential of ICT to enhance the learning opportunities for pupils with special needs. Children with specific writing, reading and numeracy needs are using ICT to provide alternative and complementary educational experiences.

Laptops and specialised keyboards are also provided where appropriate.

Health and Safety Aspects

All new computers purchased will comply with European regulations regarding radiation. Dedicated power points are/will be installed for all computers, and fused plugs used. Appropriate seating is being made available.