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Croke Park 3/11/15

Our day in Croke Park

We went to Croke Park on Tuesday, 3rd November to play in a final against St Dominics.  Croke Park is the best football pitch under the sun.  I was really excited when the bus arrived.  I sat next to my friend Émí.  When the bus ride was over I was over the moon with excitement.  When we arrived in Croke Park we were greeted by ushers who brought us to a room. It wasn’t a dressing-room because there was astro as the floor.  We did a few football drills here.  Múinteoir Olivia set out the team;  I was in front of our goalkeeper Jade.  I love being a defender!

When we went out onto the pitch I could barely breathe.  It was my dream to play in Croke Park ever since I was very young.  St. Dominic’s were a strong team, but we were stronger.  We were winning at half time.  I was nearly dancing with joy when the referee blew the final whistle.  The game was over.  We had won!  We had won a match in Croke Park!  The spectators of Gaelscoil na Camóige went crazy in the stands.  After the game the team went to McDonalds to celebrate.  I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life.

Written by Saoirse NG. Rang 6.

Follow this link to see more pictures from our day in Croke Park.


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